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This page documents the background and story of Shenrakari, a character created for an Amber-variant roleplaying game. While this subsite's content is present largely for the benefit of the players and GM of the game, I'm trying to take the background and diaries created for it as opportunities to get more experience in writing fiction. I invite any and all to puruse the material here and send along feedback via emailing me (mancuso@umich.edu), keeping in mind that I'm not giving the attention to readability and flow chapter-to-chapter that I would to a more serious writing effort.

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What follows here is the background material created for the character. This is in various forms, mostly non-narrative, and is basically reference information about Shen, his people, his world and his philosophy.

(Eventually, I hope to consolidate and organize all of this info into a more intuitive layout, but as I know myself well enough to know I'll almost never get to that, I present it here in it's current form. Pardon the crummy formatting in some cases - it was quick and dirty.)


While these are called "diaries" as a matter of course (character diaries are often used in Amber campaigns both to help document the campaign and to aid players in better developing their characters), they are written instead in a narrative form. Each entry corresponds to the occurances surrounding one session of the game, and might be best thought of as a short "chapter" in the narrative sense. Again, I am not taking the extra efforts to revise these or write them with chapter-to-chapter continuity in mind, but I would hope that they would, on the whole, serve to tell Shen's tale, as well as each provide some decriptive value to the curious reader.


Some of the character names or concepts used in these writings are the creations of the GM and/or the creator(s) of the Amber game and stories, and the rest of the content and text overall are (c)1999, 2000, 2001, 2002 Joseph Mancuso. Please contact me before reproducing or distributing any of this material. Thanks.

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