Aaaite, before you go galavanting off into my web site, there's something you should know. This site is out of date. I mean WAY out of date. I mean before Bon Jovi was exiled to Europe out of date. Seriously.

Yeah, I'm serious. People still knew who Xtreme was when this website was last really updated. We're talkin' pre-cigar Clinton here. CBM still had a shot at the time, as did NeXT. I don't care what the date on there says, the stuff is OLD, baby, and I mean butt-crack-crusty-rectal-bleeding old. We're beyond Neosporin here, kids. I'm talkin' pre-Powerpuff Girls old... hell, pre-Cartoon Network old, probably. There was no such thing as All Wheel Drive, and only the truly cool people wanted SUVs. The people writing web sites actually wrote them, and actually knew what they were doing. (Yes, that did once happen.)

Put it this way: some of the people listed as dating each other on this site have long since gotten married... TO OTHER PEOPLE. Yep! No jids. You're lookin' at my world at least two jobs, two bands, two spriritual pilgrimages and four ex-girlfriends ago.

Or how 'bout this: the kids hooking up in college as I write this were still ramping up into puberty when this site was in its heyday. Or this: I designed the graphics for the site in Photoshop 3.0 when System 7 was new, and Windows 95 was just starting its ride to reincarnationary world domination on Bill Gates' inferiority complexes. A "CD burner" was a euphemism for a microwave, and computers still used the 3.5" disks they called "floppys"... and a few still had drives in them for actual floppys: the 5.25" kind! The 'net had as much or more traffic on ftp:// than on http://, and they actually used to be able to keep track! MP3s were non-existent, but their video predecessors, MPEGs, were going strong. You could still find cassettes in the record stores then. ...and they still called them record stores!

Ann Arbor actually had a real live music scene when this site was up to date... ...um, wait... no. It's not that old.

This site features some of the "latest" web technology, such as transparent GIFs and webpage background images. The featured links bring you the greatest in web connections, including two companies out of business, another that's been renamed twice and sold once, a gaming con that died off more years ago than its enitre lifespan, and a slew of completed, suspended and abandoned projects.

So, FYI, this crap is ancient. Nirvana was still thinking they had a career. There was only one bell tower on campus. There was only one Batman movie. The people talking about the Y2K bug were just being paranoid. There was no such thing as a cellphone. You get my drift.

Is there still cool stuff in there? Sure! Just like there's cool stuff in your attic. Are there some important links to check out? Definitely. Is the star map still cool? Hell, yes... though that part about the links constantly changing is, well, total crap at this point.

Still interested? Allrighty then, but don't say I didn't warn ya. Go on, knock yourself out. But don't gripe that the local references are broken, OK? I had to swap this page into the home slot, didn't I? Why didn't I fix it? Probably for the same reason my web site is older than the Teletubbies, the Spice Girls and Pokemon... ...and the "DirectTV" technology people use to watch 'em!

Someday I'll actually get it all up and running all cool 'n' stuff. Right about the same time I unpack from moving out of college...

9 November 2001
(with a minor update 20 June 2002 to insure longevity of content... so that THIS page doesn't ever go out of date!)