Sunday, February 18th, 1996

9am through 10pm

East Cafeteria, Bursley Hall, North Campus, U of Michigan A^2

ALL U Students Welcome - Free food!

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The BurCon IV Events Schedule

The following are the planned events at the con this year. If you are interested, you can still run a game in open gaming.

If you'd like to insure your spot in some games, as well as get a free raffle ticket for each you attend, then pre-register for them! It's easy and free.


9am-12pm, FULL

A Fear of Fire

(In)famous GM Marc Renouf leads the runners of "Fear, Inc.". When they discover that their mission target is the local fire department, the situation gets interesting. When they find out why, things go to hell in a hand basket cyberpunk style!!

AD&D, 2nd Ed.

9am-1pm, up to 5 players.

Chaos in the Time of Cerath the Holy

Somewhere between Darkness and Light, lies Shade. He is your guide to the land of Raggoth, where Cerath rules. Try not to kill any innocents. (In other words: a nifty D&D adventure full of surprises.)


10am-1pm, up to 8 players.

Express Laser Crossed Filled Mine Laden Conveyer Belt to the Bottom of the Pit!!!

Join veteran Dave Morris and his chaotic blob of robots as they run in circles, shoot each other, shoot themselves, push each other into pits, drop mines, fire rockets, drive off the board, occasionally touch flags, and otherwise risk their lives in a race towards an utterly meaningless and insignificant goal.


10am-1pm, up to 7 players.

It takes 5 minutes to learn, but fewer to DIE in this fast and exciting board game based on the movie Aliens. A 3-D board and miniatures presented by BurCon favorites Mark Stock and Markus Nee make this a game you won't want to miss.

Epic (Warhammer 40K)

1pm-6pm, up to 4 players.

Epic 2: The Rage Ensues

Veterans Len Smith and Dan Shauver return to BurCon bringing their legendary Epic equipment for another gargantuan display of hyper-futuristic warfare. Weeks of preparation have been done to insure complete destruction via the most creative means. In its second year, Epic's sheer magnitude has etched it into BurCon's tradition forever.


1pm-5pm, up to 8 players.

A Dark Winter's Night

As guests of the powerful Earl of Balim, the party must endure the inanities of court life--until the screams rip through storm frozen night. A classic "whodunit and how the hell do we survive this" adventure played out in a medieval fantasy setting. Characters will be provided, but bring your best paranoia and superstitions and let GM Marc Renouf do the rest.

Bus Wars V

1pm-6pm, up to 12 players.

Professor's Revenge

Pick your favorite UM bus, arm it to the teeth, and then destroy anything that...well, exists. Extra points for blowing up your professor's car. Guest appearances DPS, the medical helicopter, and a gaggle of hapless Michigan State students. Dave Morris presents the maniacal firefight of Car Wars...but with UM busses.


1pm-6pm, up to 6 players.

The Avatar of the Fenris Wolf

A new prophet claims to have found an imprisoned avatar of the Fenris Wolf. Will you aid him, or will you heed vampire warnings of a new era of darkness? Will vampires and werewolves cooperate?... Or will tempers ignite the fury of supernatural powers, fists, and fangs? Let this new BurCon GM, Jonathan Kaufman lead you to find the answers.

Diceless Roleplay

6pm-Close, up to 6 players.


Players looking for a free-willed excursion into imaginative and possibly surreal surroundings are invited to join BurCon organizer, Joe Mancuso. Emphasis is on roleplaying and storytelling, improvisation and lack of direction are encouraged. Characters and genre to be determined. Beginners are welcome.


7pm-Close, up to 5 players.

Duelin' Daimyos and Roamin' Ronin in Freakin' Feudal Japan

The rising sun reveals the faces of your enemies. Nevik Roc directs as you allocate koku to marshal your forces -- both samurai and peasant -- and build mighty fortresses. By land and by sea, the battle rages on, for there can be only one... SHOGUN!!

Magic, the Gathering

Check-in & First Round, Open-6pm

Playoffs, 6pm-Close

No player limit.

Dann Fuller returns with co-sponsor Rider's Hobby, to present BurCon's 3rd annual Magic Tournament. First 20 entrants get a free sealed deck. All entrants can purchase sealed decks from Rider's at 20%-off. Great prizes for the top players. Test your might.

Don't miss your chance to jump on board... pre-register now! It's FREE!!

What is Burcon?

BurCon is Bursley Hall's annual free gaming convention for the University of Michigan community. In its forth year, BurCon is a small/mid-scale con being run as a fundraiser for BCV, a community service organization based out of Bursley Hall. Check out our plans for this year, and check out the Con! The BurCon IV Event Schedule is now available!

Events and Vendors and BurCon IV

This year BurCon has plans in the works for the following...


The 3rd Annual BurCon Magic Tournament


Rider's Hobby co-sponsors the 3rd Annual BurCon Magic Tournament, run by our pal and pro, Dann Fuller.

This will be a 4th edition sealed-deck tournament, using one of the Wizards' Sealed Deck Rules by Charles Keith-Stanley. The rules there are the con's rules, along with the BurCon rules details listed below. The first 20 players to pre-register AND check-in at the Con (we open at 9am) will get FREE sealed decks from Rider's!!

All players can purchase a sealed deck from Riders for 20% (or more) off of retail price right at the con!

Rider's will be providing prizes for the tournament players, including a 1st-place prize of approximately $100 retail value!!

BurCon Rules Details

The Con tourney will run by the Wizards' Sealed Deck Rules refered to above.

Please note the following options/modifications are in effect:

The timeline of the con runs as follows:
  1. Con opens - At 9:00 AM, when the Con doors open to non-staff, check-in for the magic tournament will begin.
  2. Check-in - The first 20 entrants to check-in who are ALSO PRE-REGISTERED will receive free sealed starter decks, courtesy of Rider's hobby. Should less than 20 guests pre-register, or should less than 20 pre-registered guests check-in by 4:00 PM, the remaining decks will be distributed to the first checked-in guests who did not pre-register, so it still pays to attend early!
  3. Open boxes, Build decks - After checking in, guests may go at any time between 9:00 AM and 4:00 PM to the Magic Tourney Desk, where they may then open their boxes and contruct decks. This allows Magic Tourney players to participate in other Con events at their leisure. DO NOT OPEN SEALED DECKS BEFORE GOING TO THE DESK. We recommend allowing about 30 to 60 minutes to construct a deck to play with.
  4. Play 1st round - After constructing a deck to play with, players will be matched and select a scheduled time to play their first round. The first round must be complete by 6:00 PM.
  5. Playoffs - By 6:00 PM, all Magic players must report the result of their 1st round to the Magic Tourney Desk (both players must report in). At this point, playoff pairings will be announced and will begin.
  6. Ending - By 10:00 PM, the playoffs will be complete and the tournament winners will be announced and the prizes will be awarded.

How to enter...

To enter the Magic Tournament, pre-register via your favorite means for the tournament, and any other BurCon IV events you'd like. Then check-in at the info desk at the con anytime after 9am. To play is absolutely free!

If you have any other questions regarding the tournament, please feel free to contact us.

Running a Game at BurCon

We're interested in placing as many events into the BurCon schedule as possible, and we also hope to offer a wide spread of gaming genres to BurCon guests as we traditionally have in the past.

At this point, the BurCon IV Event Schedule is complete, but interested GMs are encouraged to bring their equipment/suppies to the con to schedule a game in open gaming. To do so, just bring everything you need to run your game to the Con and ask at the information desk to schedule a game in open gaming, and someone on staff will set you up.

If you are certain you want to come and run a game in open gaming, feel free to contact us and we'll do our best to advertise your game before and during the con. Just let us know!

Pre-Registering for a BurCon IV Event

Pre-registering for a BurCon IV event will insure your place in the event at the con. Also, you receive a free raffle ticket for EACH event you pre-register for and subsequently attend. The raffle grand prize is a $50 gift certificate to Rider's Hobby, Ann Arbor's hobby specialists.

The easiest way to register is to Email Joseph Mancuso at with your name, phone number, and which events you'd like to register for. You will receive verification via email of your registration.

The other easiest way to register is to call Joe Mancuso at 763-0806. I might not be home, but you can leave your registration on voicemail. Just leave your name, phone number (also your email address if you can), and which events you want to register for. Your registration will be verified via phone of email, whichever you prefer (let me know).

Register soon! Games will fill up!

Getting More Info

If you have any questions about BurCon IV, our events, vending at the con, or if you would like to notify us of an open gaming event, contact us via any one of the following methods:

Do NOT miss BurCon IV!

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