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Saturday, April 19th, 1997


East Cafeteria, Bursley Hall, North Campus, U of Michigan A^2

ALL U Students Welcome - Free food!

Free to Enter, All-events one price: $1

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  • What is BurCon?

    BurCon is Bursley Hall's annual fund-raising gaming convention (or "con") for the University of Michigan community. In its fifth year, BurCon is a small/mid-scale con being run as a fundraiser for BCV, a community service organization based out of Bursley Hall. Check out our plans for this year, and check out the Con! The BurCon V Event Schedule and Event Descriptions are below!

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    The BurCon V Events Schedule

    Game                            GM(s)             Time         MaxPlyrs
    ------------------------------  ----------------  -----------  --------
    Heavy Gear                      Mark Stock &      9:30 - 2:30      8
                                    Markus Nee
    Shadowrun: "Escher's Nightmare" Marc Renouf       9:30 - 2:30      6
    Amber: "Pattern Perilous"       Merrie Haskell &  9:30 - 1:30      6
                                    Wendi Strang-Frost
    Seminar: "What's in a Game?"    Joseph Mancuso    10:30-12:30  no limit
     -The Science & Art of Gaming-
    RoboRally                       Dave Morris       2:30 - 5:30      8
    Harn                            Marc Renouf       2:30 - 6:30      8
    SPADES TOURNAMENT               Mendi Anderson    2:30 - 6:30     30
    Diceless Roleplay: "Winds"      Joseph Mancuso    5:30 -close      5
    Illuminati                      Dave Morris       6:30 - 9:30      8
    Amber: "You Bet Your Life"      Julie Raybon &    6:30 -close      6
                                    Dan Winningham
    Settlers of Catan               Jaqueline Steele  11:00- 2ish      3


    It's the only way to be sure!

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    BurCon Event Descriptions

    - a quick look at the events of the Con -

    Heavy Gear
    Mark Stock & Markus Nee
    9:30 - 2:30, Area 1
    8 Players Maximum

    Check out Heavy Gear, a new game from Dream Pod 9, in this demo event. The game features abstract, yet simple rules and quick and deadly action. GMs Mark Stock and Markus Nee bring their BattleTech equipment and expertise to this improved game system.

    Shadowrun: "Escher's Nightmare"
    Marc Renouf
    9:30 - 2:30, Area 3
    6 Players Maximum

    It's that Holiday time of year, but the seasonal madness is even more rampant than usual. Behind the violent chaos is hidden one man's well-crafted legacy, but the price of answers may prove deadly. Can the runners survive long enough to find out why things are going to hell in a turbo-charged pushcart? Sharp minds required, role-playing emphasized. Pick from a set of wild pregenerated characters.

    Amber: "Pattern Perilous"
    Merrie Haskell & Wendi Strang-Frost
    9:30 - 1:30, Area 2
    6 Players Maximum

    Welcome, prisoner, to Camelot, where your skills with sword and lance, word and spell will be tested before you are freed-- where there are possibilities in every quest, a secret edge to every dagger, and a mystery in a simple cup. Characters are pregenerated Elders and Chaosites.

    Seminar: "What's in a Game?": The Science & Art of Gaming
    Joseph Mancuso
    10:30 - 12:30, Area 4
    No Limit

    The skills of situational roleplaying, simulation and creativity are highly prevalent in many aspects of gaming, but are skills with applications in many fields of education, research and artistic creation. Students, ResStaff and experienced GMs alike are invited to this light seminar of group activities to exchange and explore the techniques and applications of the skills developed in the art of gaming. Bring your ear, your experience and your imagination; those new to gaming are encouraged to attend.

    Dave Morris
    2:30 - 5:30, Area 1
    8 Players Maximum

    Try to guide your programmable robot across six boards of unpredictable chaos, all the while racing your various counterparts through a series of completely meaningless goals. The competition is stiff and the pace is fast in this creative and wild board game where one moment's leader is the next moment's heap of smoldering spare parts.

    Marc Renouf
    2:30 - 6:30, Area 2
    8 Players Maximum

    Gamemaster Marc Renouf takes the romance of fantasy and twists it with the intrigue of mystery to create the intricate and unpredictable world of Harn. Skilled roleplayers enjoy a rare oppurtunity for subtle interaction, and those seeking adventure are likely to find more then they bargained for. Rules experience is not necessary, and any looking to try out some in-depth roleplaying are invited to join the madness.

    Mendi Anderson
    2:30 - 6:30, Area 4
    30 Players Maximum

    Bursley's Spades tournament returns! Pick a teammate and match your wits against the 'Lodge's best. Those familiar with Euchre and Hearts will also likely catch on fast, and are invited to try their hand in the tournament for a shot at BurCon's prizes.

    Diceless Roleplay: "Winds"
    Joseph Mancuso
    5:30 - close, Area 3
    5 Players Maximum

    The spirit and magic of the Moonrise return in this joint-storytelling adventure where fate brings the destined few together. Each player creates one extraordinary person in an ordinary world, and together they weave their tale from the things that matter most. Leave your books, your dice, your motives and your expectations at the door, and become someone else for a night by following the Winds.

    Dave Morris
    6:30 - 9:30, Area 1
    8 Players Maximum

    Observe the reality of life's conspiracies from the other side. Dave Morris runs classic Illuminati, the card game where secret societies battle over control of the world's governments and organizations. Join the only game where the KGB might be controlled by convenience stores, while the tabloids hold the puppet strings of the Pentagon.

    Amber: "You Bet Your Life"
    Julie Raybon & Dan Winningham
    6:30 - close, Area 2
    6 Players Maximum

    A dark, smokey pub somewhere in Shadow. Two shady characters ply their trade in turns of a card, tossing sly remarks and outrageous bets with offhand casualness. The stakes? Why, the Universe, of course... Amberites only, no Shadowknight, knowledge of Corwin Chronicles important. Must be in Amber at beginning of game. HEAVY emphasis on role-playing. 150 pt characters, must have Pattern, no Advanced Powers.

    Settlers of Catan
    Jaqueline Steele
    Starts 11 a.m., goes till whenever...
    3 Players Maximum

    A quick and fun board game for the adventurous of heart. (Jaqueline plans to play as many short games as players are up for, starting at 11 am and going until whenever. Each game last about an hour or so.)

    Want to play in one of these cool games?


    Events and Vendors and BurCon V

    What's going on at BurCon this year?

  • A variety of role-playing, board, card and miniature games of all kinds. In addition to gaming-con genres of games run by some of U of M's best GMs, we'll also be running more traditional games, including the 1st Ever BurCon Spades Tournament.

  • Rider's Hobby, the area's classic hobby specialists, set up shop at BurCon with their finest gaming and hobby inventory.

  • Dave's Comics and Vault of Midnight Comics bring their best to BurCon this year, expanding our vendor selection to the best ever.

  • The BurCon V Auction, offering over $150 worth of prizes!
    We'll be doing a "Chinese Auction" this year, with a bunch of GREAT prizes being raffled off INDEPENDENTLY! No more getting stuck with minatures if you wanted comic books! This year, you pick what prize you want to get into the raffle for!

  • Prizes for every event in the Con, thanks to the great people at Underworld!

  • All day open gaming areas for spur-o-the-moment events. We'll be scheduling these as they come up, so make sure you check out the Information Desk at the Con!

  • Free munchies all day for BurCon guests

  • No admission fee!

  • $1 gets you into as many games and tournaments as you care to play!

  • PLUS...

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    Pre-Registering for a BurCon V Event

    Pre-registering for a BurCon V event will insure your place in the event at the con. Also, you receive a free raffle ticket for EACH event you pre-register for and subsequently attend. The raffle prizes are still being finalized, and we already have over $150 woth of gift-certificates and merchandise to be offered as prizes this year!

    Pre-registering costs you only $1.00, for as many events as you want to play in! That gets you a CONFIRMED slot in your games, AND a raffle ticket for each game you pre-register into! Plus, it's not only cheap, but it's for a good cause! All proceeds go to Bursley Community Volunteers!

    The easiest way to register is to Email Autwan Fuller at rapture@umich.edu with your name, phone number, email, and which events you'd like to register for. You will receive verification via email of your registration.

    The other easiest way to register is to call Autwan Fuller at763-3885. If no one is there to take your registration, you can leave your registration on voicemail. Just leave your name, phone number (also your email address if you can), and which events you want to register for. Your registration will be verified via phone of email, whichever you prefer (let us know).

    Register as soon as you can! Games will fill up!

    Open Gaming

    BurCon wouldn't be a proper con without open gaming! We'll have a large space set aside just for those spur of the moment games. If you already have something in mind, just contact us, and we'll start scheduling open games immediately!

    So just check in at the BurCon Information desk when you get there to see what's going on in the open gaming areas!

    Getting More Info

    If you have any questions about BurCon V, our events, vending at the con, or if you would like to notify us of an open gaming event, contact us via any one of the following methods:
  • Email Joseph Mancuso at mancuso@umich.edu
  • Email Julie Raybon at chimera@umich.edu
  • Email Autwan Fuller at rapture@umich.edu or call at 763-3885 (you can leave a message)

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    Do NOT miss BurCon V!

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