Bliss, a group formed in Sept. 1995 from Scranton, PA, is a four-member alternative music band that apparently plays clubs and venues in the East Coast area. (The person searching the internet who found the name on our page also found two other bands using the name: an Austin, TX signed trio (spelled "BLiSS", in their case), and an artist specializing in meditation music.)

I hope to put any available URLs up if and when I receive 'em.

Thanks to Tara Mahon for the info.

ALSO: I received this more recently from Justin Wilhelm over on hotmail:

there is a band in a chicagp suburb called bliss. there really good and they 
play music like korn and limp bizkit. they go to fenton high school in 
bensenville illinois and are worth going to see.

Thanks, also, for this info.

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